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Student Assistant/Aides Hourly Rate Increase

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Student Assistant/Aides Hourly Rate Increase

Post by kaelel18 on Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:12 am

To help fellow student regents/trustees who intends to file a board resolution to increase their student assistants'/aides' hourly rate, here's how I did it during my term in Palawan State University.

1.) Obtain a resolution from the student assistants/aides detailing the need and the amount of the hourly rate.
2.) Craft a resolution from your student council endorsing the request of item 1 to the board of regents/trustees. 
3.) Conduct a benchmark from other SUCs or schools. I'll provide you with what I have.

Bataan Peninsula State University
4 hours
University of the East
4 hours
University of the Philippines-Diliman 
6 hours
University of the Philippines-Manila 
6 hours
Polytechnic University of the Philippines 
5 hours
Palawan State University
4 hours
Partido State University
4 hours
Tarlac State University
Western Mindanao State University 
6 hours
Western Philippines University
4 hours

4. Follow the format set by your university/college in submitting a board resolution. Complete all program of works.
   Provide legal basis. These are the basis I used.

Currently, salary/compensation of the student aides is taken from the income generated by the University. CHED Memorandum No. 20 s. 2011, Article III, Sec. 6c specifically provides the allocation of budget for student labor deployment and compensation. The amount allocated for the student development fund is 12.5% of the 50% of the tuition fees
Student Development- Budget allocation shall be used for in-house trainings of student leaders or officers, trainings sponsored by accredited agencies, student labor deployment and compensation, IT equipment, medical and dental services/programs, trainings, orientation or seminar workshop for student organization officers, scholarship an incentive programs designed to uplift and motivate student achievers, and other similar activities, in furtherance of the goal in support of the welfare of the general student population. (Italicized for emphasis)

Further, previous DBM issuances of the National Budget Memorandum specify provisions for student labor allowances.
34.4 Provision for Student Labor Allowance- The amount to be provided for payment of allowances for student labor shall be computed at P 10.00 per hour but not to exceed 4 hours a day in schools or educational institutions supervised by DepEd, CHED, TESDA and similar institutions in the ARMM pursuant DBM Circular Letter No. 11-96 dated April 1, 1996. Requirements for this purpose shall be supported by projected total hours on a project or activity basis. (Annex A, Part IV: Agency Specified Expenditure)
With the above legal basis, we can formulate budget in order to cater the increase of the salary/compensation of the student aides. Even if we do not consider budget coming from the coffers of the Government, we may review and reprogram some of the expenses in order to cater to the proposed increase.  

5.) Provide sample calculations. You either have to choose the increase of hourly rate at the expense of decreasing the number of student assistants/aides or the other way around.  

Example: An increase of Php. 30.00/hr at a maximum of 20 hours/week with the assumption of 100 student assistants/aides would mean a remuneration budget of Php 1.2 million. 

6.) Make sure you have the go signal from your budget officer and accountant as they will be your back up during the board meeting. Also, make sure you have the support of your fellow regents/trustees. They will be the one who's going to endorse and vote for your request.

Yan lang po sa akin. Probably other SRs/STs may give their cents too. Yung above table na yun ay based lang sa mga nakalap ko and may not be an accurate representation of their actual remuneration.

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Re: Student Assistant/Aides Hourly Rate Increase

Post by Nate on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:06 pm

This is informative. I will try to review our policy/ guidelines on how we do it here to determine if any increase is necessary.


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